Are you therapists, doctors, a group of doctors, a hospital, a clinic or a group of clinics? Pharmacy? Are you an orthopedic technician? Are you a specialist in 3D printing? Are you a 3D designer?... ... Join us, a simple click to contact us.


We offer a wide range of orthotics, prostheses, custom bandages at prices equivalent to finished products (often poorly adapted). Thanks to our new state-of-the-art technologies, doctors, therapists and pharmacies can now provide their customers with quality products, adapted and comfortable.

Our products

All our products are made using a 3D printer, on a medical scan or portable scanner, in order to perform an individualized and efficient work. In the current situation, the distance during the scan with the client remains in line with the WHO’s recommendations.


corset jewet

Starting at 320.- $

Wrist/finger orthotics

Multiple configurations :
- wrist
- wrist/inch
- wrist/finger
- inch
- flexible or rigid materials, as required

Starting at 38.- $

Elbow orthotics

- Complete orthotics (arm, forearm, hand)
- Elbow
- Sarmiento
- etc.

Starting at 129.- $


- head remodeling helmet
- protective helmet (falls)
- etc.

Starting at 200.- $

Tibial presthesis

- ultra light
- solid
- multiple configurations

Starting at 1100.- $

Prosthesis for amputation of Lisfranc

Starting at 550.- $

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